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18+ and present in VT. Play responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Online gambling saw a January 2024 launch in Vermont when the state first allowed residents to place online sports bets.

While other forms of internet gambling are still prohibited under state law, a successful launch for online sports wagering could pave the way for future e-gaming expansion.

Best Vermont gambling sites

Each of the sites on this list is operating in a sportsbook-only capacity, as other forms of online gambling are still banned under Vermont state law. However, following the January 11, 2024 sports betting launch, a few of these operators have already gone live while others are waiting to either apply for a license or be granted approval to operate.

🎲 DraftKings Vermont ⭐ NFL's official betting partner
🎲 FanDuel Vermont ⭐ Leader in same-game parlays with top ratings
🎲 Fanatics Vermont ⭐ Innovative mobile sportsbook app
🎲 BetRivers Vermont ⭐ Top online gambling operator
🎲 ESPN Bet Vermont ⭐ The new face of PENN Entertainment's sports betting
🎲 BetMGM Vermont ⭐ Elite loyalty program with great rewards

DraftKings Vermont

DraftKings Vermont

Finding massive success as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) site, DraftKings has risen to prominence due to a strong partnership with the NFL as the league’s official betting partner.

Sports betting is still the main driver, though the company has also launched “DK casino” in several states. DraftKings launched in Vermont on January 11, 2024.

FanDuel Vermont

FanDuel Vermont

In addition to its DFS background, FanDuel has become quite popular for its selection of same-game parlays (SGPs), offering the widest selection of bet types on a daily basis.

It is consistently one of the top two highest-rated Vermont sportsbooks in both the App Store and Google Play Store, jockeying with DraftKings for the top spot. Now that FanDuel is live in VT, we expect it to live up to its reputation.

Fanatics Vermont

Fanatics Vermont

Fanatics Sportsbook launched in August 2023 after buying out PointsBet’s U.S. sportsbook operations and operates solely on a mobile app.

The platform is only available in a small handful of states as the company continues to roll out the app, but it has been more finely tuned and was ready for Vermont’s online gambling launch in January 2024. It remains unclear whether Fanatics will launch a web-based sportsbook platform, as the current site redirects to the appropriate app store for download.

BetRivers Logo

BetRivers Vermont

BetRivers is heavily involved on the casino side given its launch at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

While the sports betting side will be the only option in Vermont for BetRivers at the start, it would stand to become one of the top operators on the gambling side if the legislature chooses to pursue online casino legislation. However, BetRivers hasn't yet applied for a VT sportsbook license.

ESPN Bet Vermont

ESPN Bet Vermont

Like Fanatics, ESPN Bet is a relatively new platform, taking over as the face of PENN Entertainment’s sports betting platform and replacing Barstool Sportsbook. ESPN Bet began accepting wagers in November 2023, and the new-look platform is showing loads of promise on both the gambling website and the mobile betting app.

PENN applied for a Vermont license, but they did not get the green light to operate in time for the January 11, 2024 launch. The bookie will likely be part of a second wave of legal sportsbooks in VT.

BetMGM Vermont

BetMGM Vermont

BetMGM’s loyalty program is one of the top in the industry, with gamblers able to earn rewards and loyalty tier points for every dollar spent at the sportsbook.

Rewards can range from bonus bets on the lower end to hotel discounts, event tickets, VIP casino stays in Las Vegas, and much more on the higher end.

Under H.127, the state’s sports betting bill, online sports betting in Vermont is the only legal kind of online gambling. Parlays, moneylines, spread bets, SGPs, round robins, and totals bets are all legal wager types for VT sportsbooks, but the Vermont online casino platform for any operator is inaccessible to players in the state.

How can I sign up for online gambling websites in Vermont?

You’ll be able to sign up for online gambling websites in Vermont by using the links throughout this website to access the appropriate registration pages.

While the registration process may vary by platform, you’ll need to follow these steps regardless of the site, even if the order of steps may be slightly different.

  1. Locate a promo code: VTBetting.com also lists applicable bonus codes and promo offers to help you find the best deal. If such codes aren’t available, we’ve instead linked directly to the gambling website’s registration page.
  2. Create your account: On the registration page, you’ll need to provide a username, email address, and password. You may also need to enter a phone number at this step to enable two-factor authentication for your account.
  3. Enter your personal information: Next, you’ll need to verify your personal information. This will include your legal first and last name, your birth date, and your address (P.O. boxes won’t be accepted) as they appear on your driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID. This information will be encrypted and stored securely at all times.
  4. Confirm your info and agree to the terms: Finally, you’ll need to check a few boxes verifying that the information you submitted is correct and that you agree to the terms and conditions of use. You will also need to confirm that your job doesn’t bar you from online sports betting.

Once those steps are completed, you’ll be able to make a deposit with the banking method of your choice, claim the welcome bonus, and begin making wagers on the gambling website.

Who regulates online gambling in VT?

Online gambling in VT is regulated by the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery. This organization is tasked with issuing licenses to gambling operators and ensuring the companies involved are compliant with state laws for cybersecurity and gaming integrity, while also regulating the Vermont Lottery.

You should only trust legal, licensed gambling sites with your personal and banking information; if you’re unsure about a site’s status, check our list of legal Vermont sportsbooks.

If Vermont sees success in its online sports betting endeavors, the legislature could aim to advance a bill expanding e-gaming permissions throughout the state.

If that happens, here are a few of the more popular types of internet gambling that could become legal in VT.

  • Online slots: Slots are a casino staple because they don’t necessarily require any strategy or skill to play. Simply push a button to start and stop the reels and calculate your paylines. Gamblers love this option as well for the potential to hit a massive jackpot. Because Vermont casino apps aren’t limited by physical space, they often host hundreds more slot games than traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • Poker: Classic poker variations such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Pai Gow, Deuces Wild, and many more are all iconic online casino games that would be available under online gambling expansion. Vermont online poker would also feature live dealer options in addition to video poker.
  • Blackjack: When using what’s known as “basic strategy,” blackjack can be one of the most profitable games from a return-to-player standpoint. The aim of the game is to score a higher hand than the dealer without having the combined score of your hand add up past a total of 21.
  • Roulette: Roulette is another classic game where players try to predict where a ball will land on a spinning slotted wheel. The slots on the wheel are assigned both a number and a color, and players are permitted to bet on the color, exact number, range of numbers, or whether the number of the slot will be an odd or even number.

How we evaluated internet gambling operators in VT

Since online sports betting has launched in Vermont, we have written thorough reviews of each bookmaker to assess their strengths, weaknesses, unique features, and much more.

We've also assigned scores that apply to multiple different categories and provide an overall rating for the site. Here is how we evaluated internet gambling operators in VT.

  • User interface: The user interface is arguably the most important feature of an online gambling operator. For this section, we assessed the platform’s ease of use, reliability, navigability, and overall aesthetic.
  • Variety: The variety score considers the volume of games on the platform as well as the number of lines available for those games. The greater that number, the higher the score.
  • Bonuses: When scoring the bonuses, we looked at three important factors: frequency, diversity, and value. A higher score indicates a vast array of bonuses are frequently available and that the financial value is reasonable.
  • Customer support: Finally, we tested the customer support channels available with the gambling operator, including phone, email, and chat support, as well as the detail, ease of access, and helpfulness of FAQ pages.

Upsides and downsides of internet gambling in VT vs. in-person gambling

Internet gambling is the only option available to Vermont players, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are pros and cons to both playing online and at a brick-and-mortar location. Here are the upsides and downsides of internet gambling in VT vs. in-person gambling.


  • Convenience: Online gambling platforms allow you to play from anywhere within the state border as long as you’ve got a steady internet connection. You also won’t need to travel anywhere to collect on a betting slip or to place your wagers.
  • Customizability: Using online browsers or mobile apps for internet gambling can let you control your gaming experience by, to a degree, adjusting the platform to fit your needs. This can include small changes to the display such as using a “dark mode” option, changing text sizes, or selecting your favorites so they are more readily available when you want to place a bet.
  • Bonuses: Retail sportsbook locations won’t just hand you $20 and say “Go place that money on whatever bet you want.” However, with online platforms, you can access promos like bonus bets, bet credits, second chance wagers, and more.


  • Easy to get distracted: While playing at home, any number of things can interfere with your focus on playing, and on a mobile device, the distractions are even more frequent.
  • Online lacks atmosphere: Being at a casino or retail sportsbook location can often lead to sweating out a close game with others while waiting for your team to win. Similarly, for casino games, it can be more fun to sit at the blackjack table and work together to beat the dealer than to stare at a screen and not have the same energetic environment while playing.
  • Technical difficulties: Unfortunately, technical difficulties like a poor internet connection or a device battery dying can disrupt online play. Geolocation features are much improved, but they too can be finicky and cause problems for mobile device and desktop users.

Bonuses that are offered on websites for gambling in Vermont

Now that Vermont has launched online sports betting, you can expect a virtual smörgåsbord of betting bonuses and promotional offerings when signing up.

They can be a lot to navigate, so we’ve simplified some of the more common bonuses that will be offered on websites for gambling in Vermont.

  • Parlay profit boosts: Whether a daily or weekly variety, parlay profit boosts tack on an extra percentage of your profits from winning parlays in the given time period and add that total to your payout.
  • Daily profit boosts: This bonus type is similar to the parlay profit boost bonus, however, daily profit boosts aren’t necessarily tied to parlay wagers (though parlays can be included). Other than that specific detail, they function the same way.
  • Welcome bonuses: Oftentimes the most lucrative bonuses on a betting platform, welcome bonuses can incorporate any of the others listed here or be an entirely different offer, perhaps with bonus bets, second chance bets, or deposit matches.
  • Seasonal bonuses: Seasonal bonuses are longer-term bonuses in preparation for (or at the end of) a given sports season. For example, a sportsbook could offer $50 in bonus bets after your first $5 wager on a Week One matchup of the NFL season.

How to play safely on gambling sites in VT

Responsible gambling is instrumental to success at the sportsbooks. Here are some tips to help you play safely on gambling sites in VT.

  • Set a budget: Setting a budget is a good way to practice financial restraint by ensuring you only bet within your means. When your budget is gone, walk away and wait until you can responsibly add more funds to your bankroll. As a rule of thumb, never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication (sometimes shortened to 2FA) involves receiving an email or text message from the gambling site operator with an access code when logging into your account. Enabling 2FA on your account adds an extra layer of security to prevent unwanted access.
  • Avoid the extremes: Placing wagers at an extreme emotion, whether positive or negative, can lead to poor bankroll management. To the positive, it can lead to overconfidence and an ill-advised bet. On the negative side, it can lead to chasing losses (trying to win back all that you lost with larger wagers to try to break even).
  • Do your own research: Before you place a wager, you should always gather as much information as possible to make an educated bet. Studying recent trends, betting line action, weather reports, injury details, team tendencies, and matchup specifics can all be a factor in whether you should place your bet or walk away.

How can I pay with gambling operators in Vermont?

Each gambling operator that comes to Vermont will have its own list of banking methods for you to be able to use on their sites or through their apps. Here are some of the main methods you’ll find.


  • Credit/Debit Cards: Nearly every sportsbook will accept Visa and Mastercard for deposits, and in some cases, you may also be able to withdraw directly to a card. Discover and American Express are a bit more hit or miss, so you may need to check with the site to be certain.
  • PayPal: PayPal has been used for years as an online payment method and is very commonly accepted on betting sites. Most of the time, gambling operators will allow PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals, though we have seen instances where a site used it for one transaction type only.
  • Wire transfers: Wire transfers are an extremely secure way to transfer large amounts of money. So large, in fact, that many sportsbooks will require at least a $1,000 minimum deposit to accept this method.


  • E-wallets: Many gambling operators have started to include e-wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Skrill on their accepted payment lists. E-wallets usually provide quick withdrawal times, though there may occasionally be feeds involved when using one of these options.
  • Online banking: As mentioned earlier, part of sportsbook licensure includes maintaining rigorous cybersecurity practices, especially with users’ personal and banking information. Linking your bank account to your sportsbook account is incredibly safe and secure. Gambling operators will never take funds from your bank account without your permission and will only make deposits into your bank account after making a sportsbook withdrawal request.
  • Check: Some sportsbooks will still mail you a paper check if you choose to request this withdrawal method. However, there may be a minimum withdrawal amount that is higher than for other methods.


When are Vermont gambling sites planned to go live?

The first Vermont gambling sites went live with the launch of online sports betting in January 2024. However, other forms of gambling such as online casino play are still prohibited under VT state law.

Which gambling sites are live in VT?

DraftKings, FanDuel, and Fanatics were the first gambling sites to go live in VT, launching their sportsbooks on January 11, 2024. ESPN Bet and BetMGM also applied for Vermont licenses and are waiting to be granted approval to operate.

Are gambling websites in Vermont safe to play on?

Yes, online sports betting in Vermont has officially launched meaning gambling sites in the state are safe to play on. All VT operators will fall under the jurisdiction of the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery and will need to comply with strict cybersecurity and gaming integrity regulations to maintain licensure.

Do gambling operators in VT offer bonuses?

Yes, gambling operators in VT offer bonuses. Now that sports betting has launched in Vermont, you’ll see promo codes and bonus offers for sportsbook sites and mobile apps to encourage signups.

Can you play online poker in VT?

No, you cannot play online poker in VT. When Vermont crafted H.127, the bill did not include any provisions to legalize online poker or other casino games; it only allowed for online sports betting and did not allow rules to establish brick-and-mortar betting locations.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry