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Disclaimer: Unibet sportsbook has not launched in Vermont yet. This review is based on information we have from other states where Unibet is live and legal.

Unibet VT bonus

Expected bonus: Up to $500 in bonus bets
Promo code: N/A
Minimum deposit: $10
Last updated: May 2024

Sportsbook overview

Sportsbook: Unibet
Legal in Vermont: No
Partner in Vermont: N/A
Payment methods:

A long-time mainstay on the international sports betting scene, Unibet first came to the United States in 2019 (Pennsylvania) and has since expanded to six states in total (PA, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, and Virginia). Vermont launched sports betting on January 11, 2024, and though Unibet was not one of the first sportsbooks to launch in the state, it could be part of the second wave of bookies to go live in VT.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what to expect from one of the world leaders in sports betting, including the path to licensure in Vermont and what features set Unibet sportsbook apart.

Is Unibet Sportsbook live in Vermont?

No, Unibet Sportsbook is not yet live in Vermont. Unibet was not one of the first operators in the Vermont sports betting market and thus far hasn't applied for a VT license.

What kind of welcome offer will Unibet run when they go live?

Since Unibet hasn't acquired a VT operator's license yet, we have no way of knowing the exact Vermont welcome promo Unibet will offer. That said, we can make some educated guesses. Unibet Sportsbook Pennsylvania, for example, is offering a second chance bet for new customers who bet up to $500.

With this offer, bettors who claim it can receive up to $500 in bonus bets if their first eligible bet (minimum odds of -250) is a loser. It’s also worth noting that Unibet offers a similar welcome offer for new bettors in Arizona, Indiana, and Virginia as well, except their maximum is $100 in bonus bets.

Signing up to Unibet Sportsbook in Vermont and claiming their promo

Unibet didn’t get its large online presence by making it difficult to sign up for an account. Here’s a step-by-step list of how to get started with Unibet Sportsbook Vermont.

  1. At the top of the page, find the “Join Now” button.
  2. Enter your desired login credentials, including your email address and password. From there, Unibet Sportsbook Vermont will ask for some basic information such as first and last name, date of birth, address, and the last four of your Social Security number.
  3. Once you have followed the steps to verify your account, navigate to the “Deposit” section to get money into your account.
  4. Select the payment method for your deposit and the amount you want to add to your balance and claim your welcome promotion unless it is automatically applied.

Different types of bets on Unibet Sportsbook

For those new to sports betting, there are some different bet types that you should be aware of before placing your first bet. Let’s look at a few.

  • Moneyline: Betting on a moneyline simply means you are betting on a team, or player (in a one-on-one matchup) to win outright. Favorites will have a negative (-) next to their name, and underdogs will have a positive (+) next to their name.
  • Over/under: Also known as a “total,” this bet involves betting on whether the combined score of a game or match will land over (or under) a pre-determined number.
  • Prop bet: Unlike a moneyline or over/under, a prob bet is a wager that involves either a specific player or team in the matchup. An example of this would be betting on how many passing yards Aaron Rodgers accumulates in a specific game.
  • Parlay: A favorite of bettors everywhere, a parlay involves betting on two or more outcomes, with the caveat being they both must be right. The more legs involved in the parlay, the higher the payout if you are correct.

When will the Unibet promo be credited to my account?

If you lose a second chance bet that you get from Unibet, you can expect the Vermont sports betting bonus to be credited to your account immediately after the game settles in most instances, though it may take up to 72 hours.

Crucial terms and conditions for the Unibet bonus in other states

As with any promotional offer you accept, being aware of the terms and conditions is critical. The second chance bet offer in PA requires a minimum $10 deposit to be eligible and maxes out at a potential $500 in bonus bets credited to your account, depending on the size of your wager.

This welcome offer only applies to your first cash bet, is for brand-new customers only, and the player must be 21 years or older. This bet also requires that the bet is a pre-game or a live bet and has odds of -250 or greater (i.e. +100, +200, etc.). Lastly, the player must select the offer in the “select your bonus” section prior to placing the bet.

What to do if the Unibet Vermont bonus is not working

If your Unibet Vermont bonus is not working, the first thing to do is double-check the terms and conditions to ensure all the criteria are met. If you are confident that it is compliant, check Unibet Vermont’s FAQ section where common questions are answered. Lastly, if all else fails, head to their customer support section where you can find their 24/7 live chat feature, a support email, and even a phone number that’s answered around the clock.

Where can I find the newest Unibet Vermont promotions?

Located directly on the Unibet Vermont desktop site and mobile app, there will be a tab for all the promotions they’re currently offering on the top menu bar. Though it’s not yet known exactly, expect to see everything from welcome offers, same-game parlay promos, and weekly odds boosts.

Best sports leagues you will be able to bet on using Unibet Vermont

When Unibet Vermont eventually launches, expect to see all of the world’s top sports leagues ready for betting right away. Let’s look at a few of the most popular.

  • National Football League (NFL): The New England Patriots are the closest thing Vermont residents have to a professional team, and they’ll surely be drawing a lot of attention.
  • National Basketball Association (NBA): The NBA will be in full swing when Vermont sports betting goes live, and the action on the hardwood will be a fan favorite.
  • Major League Soccer (MLS): Soccer is taking off in the United States, with Vermont’s New England Revolution one of its most popular squads.
  • NCAA Basketball: Vermont loves its college basketball, with the Vermont Catamounts no stranger to the biggest stage. It’s worth noting you’ll only be able to bet them in the NCAA tournament, however, as Vermont will restrict college program sports betting within the state.

The Unibet mobile betting app in Vermont

Sports betting apps in Vermont have already launched, and when Unibet launches in Vermont, its sports betting app will be one of the best. Having seen it in other states, the ease of use and user interface is second to none, and it contains all the same features that the desktop site has. Available for both iOS and Android devices, everyone is covered when it comes to betting on the go with Unibet Sportsbook Vermont.

How to download the Unibet app on iOS

Let’s take a quick look at how to download the Unibet app on Apple’s iOS devices.

  1. Start by heading to the App Store on your iOS device.
  2. Search for the Unibet Sportsbook Vermont, specificizing the state as each state will have its own app.
  3. Click “Get” and then “Download”, entering your App Store password along the way.
  4. With the app now on your iOS device, enter your login credentials and search for your first bet.

How to download the Unibet app on Android

Let’s take a quick look at how to download the Unibet app on Android devices.

  1. On the home screen of your Android device, head to the Google Play App Store.
  2. Type in Unibet Sportsbook Vermont into the search bar.
  3. Once you’ve located the app, download it to your device.
  4. Enter your login information and find the bet you are looking for.

Will it be possible to bet on VT college sports with Unibet Sportsbook?

No, it will not be possible to bet on VT college sports programs when using Unibet Sportsbook Vermont as the state legislation does not allow it. The one caveat to this is betting on neutral site tournaments, such as the NCAA Tournament (March Madness) in basketball.

Unibet Vermont expected payment options

When Unibet Vermont goes live, you’ll have a few options when it comes to the payment options available for transacting money on and off the site. Let’s look at a few.


  • Debit/Credit Card: Mastercard and Visa are the two options available when it comes to this method.
  • Cash: If a state has a retail Unibet sportsbook, you can take money to the cashier at the physical location and have them credit your account with it.
  • PayPal: The worldwide leader in payment processing, Unibet now accepts PayPal deposits (and withdrawals).


  • Bank Transfer: You can set up your bank with Unibet to directly transfer money between your bank account and Unibet wallet.
  • ACH Transfer: By providing Unibet with your ACH information, you can use this feature to transfer money directly to your bank account.
  • Play+: This is a reloadable account used by casinos and resorts that can be used for online payments or ATMs.

Customer support of Unibet Sportsbook VT

One of the aspects of Unibet’s great reputation worldwide is its attention to customer support. The best place to start your search is their FAQ section, which contains answers to commonly asked questions that customers most often run into. They also have 24/7 live chat, as well as phone support, both of which are your best bet in the event of an urgent request. Lastly, they offer an email address which is often answered within 24-48 hours.


Why does Unibet in VT give bonuses?

Unibet in VT gives bonuses to offer new customers an incentive to bet with them (instead of their competition).

How safe is it to bet on Unibet in Vermont?

It is extremely safe to bet on Unibet in Vermont, as the company has a long-standing excellent reputation in the industry.

Where can I find the best bonuses on Unibet in VT?

You can find the best bonuses on Unibet in VT in this review, which will be updated after the operator acquires a Vermont license.

When will Unibet go live in VT?

There isn't a timeline available for when Unibet will go live in VT because Unibet hasn't been granted a Vermont operating license. As of January 11, 2024 (Vermont's launch day for sports betting), Unibet has not applied for licensure.

Do you have to live in Vermont to bet on Unibet?

You do not have to live in Vermont to bet on Unibet, but you do have to be physically within the state at the time of wagering. Unibet is also live in AZ, NJ, IA, IN, PA, and VA but hasn't launched its VT operations yet.

What is the minimum withdrawal at Unibet VT?

The minimum withdrawal at Unibet is $10.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry