With the industry’s leading wagering operators and sports, online sports betting in Vermont gives players the best experience. Players can virtually wager on any sporting event happening in or out of the Green Mountain State. Besides, they get attractive bonuses, easy-to-use interfaces, a variety of bet types, and convenient payment methods.

Best online sports betting sites in Vermont

DraftKings Vermont Best betting site for NFL
FanDuel Vermont Best betting site for NHL
PointsBet Vermont Best betting site for app wagering
BetRivers Vermont Best betting site for live wagering

Finding a Vermont sportsbook can be overwhelming as there are so many pros and cons. Indeed, you’ll have to assess each betting site to assess whether it suits your needs.

Ideally, a good choice should be one that satisfies your choice of betting markets, offers a sleek app and clean interface, fast payment methods, attractive bonuses, and top-notch security. Luckily, our experts have done the job and found the sites that tick all the boxes of what a good Vermont betting site should offer.

FanDuel Vermont

Popular for its daily fantasy sports, FanDuel is one of the most dominant operators thanks to its clean interface, an array of payment options, and its great marketing efforts. Also, it offers one of the leading legal sports betting apps in Vermont. Other features that make FanDuel Vermont attractive include its generous bonuses, instant deposits, fast withdrawals, early cash-outs, and same-game parlays. In addition, there is live betting, responsive customer support, and a live-streaming feature.

Bonuses include the sign-up bonus, loyalty bonus, parlay boosts, and free bets. Notably, all these bonuses are available upon registration. Then, you can download the bookie’s app which is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and log in to enjoy betting via the app.

The deposit and withdrawal options here include credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Cards), PayPal, PayNearMe, and checks. After successfully making your deposits, you can wager on a wide variety of sports ranging from soccer to hockey and tennis to MMA among other sports. For Vermont players, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and ice hockey major leagues and events will always be on the bookie’s home page.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: FanDuel Vermont
πŸ… Expected welcome bonus: 100$ risk-free bet
πŸ“± Betting through app: Yes
πŸ“… Live in Vermont: No

DraftKings Vermont

DraftKings Vermont is another operator that rose to sports betting supremacy from being a daily fantasy sports provider. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, massive bonuses and promotions, live betting, a great mobile app, and wide market coverage, DraftKings Vermont is another popular choice.

Signing up for an account with the betting site is straightforward. Just provide your personal details and create a password. Then make your first deposit and claim the deposit match bonus. From there, you can proceed to the major sports, choose an event, followed by a bet type, and place your first bet. The deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from include, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Play+, checks, online banking, and wire transfer.

With an array of sports to choose from, you can also place different bets such as futures, alternate lines, totals, Moneyline, and spread, among others. DraftKings also offers two very important features; a play limit and a betting carousel. While the play limit promotes responsible gambling, the betting carousel helps you to personalize your betting experience.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: DraftKings Vermont
πŸ… Expected welcome bonus: 20$ no sweat bet
πŸ“± Betting through app: Yes
πŸ“… Live in Vermont: No

BetRivers Vermont

With an unquestionable reputation for its quick payouts, great desktop site, and attractive bonuses, BetRivers is a great choice for every Vermont player. Still, with the BetRivers promo code, new players qualify for the ongoing deposit bonus.

BetRivers platform is rock-solid and fit for everyone’s portfolio of betting apps thanks to the markets and promotions on offer. The bonuses available include the match deposit sign-up bonus, loyalty bonus, and rewards program. To qualify, just follow the simple registration process.

Payment methods to choose from on BetRivers in Vermont include Mastercard, Visa, Discover cards, Play+, checks, PayNearMe, and cash payments at the casino. After making payments, you can choose from the catalog of sports and place any bet you can think of, be it a Moneyline, spread, totals, props, futures, or parlays. Other features on offer include the famous early cash-out, live betting, same-game parlays, and live streaming.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: BetRivers Vermont
πŸ… Expected welcome bonus: Bet 20$ get 40$
πŸ“± Betting through app: Yes
πŸ“… Live in Vermont: No

PointsBet Vermont

For the high-risk, high-reward type of players in Vermont, PointsBet is the best choice. It offers stellar coverage, good pricing, and a quality mobile app. Upon your sign-up, the Australian-based betting site offers you a VT risk-free bet bonus that may go as high as double the industry standard. Also, regular players receive an array of lucrative promos alongside some of the best spread lines in the sports betting industry.

Getting started is a straightforward process. After receiving a confirmation email, you can make your first deposit and earn the free bet bonus. Then proceed to the home page and choose an event or events in the popular sports section. The bet types include point totals, props, money lines, point spreads, and futures, among others.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: PointsBet Vermont
πŸ… Expected welcome bonus: 99$ deposit match bonus
πŸ“± Betting through app: Yes
πŸ“… Live in Vermont: No

Online sports betting is not legal in Vermont, but a study bill in the 2020 legislature could eventually lead to legalizing sports wagering in the state. Although there are some offshore betting operators accepting bets from Vermont players, such sites should be avoided as they do not operate under any Vermont regulation body.

The best Vermont betting apps and sites offer markets for many sports ranging from the state’s famous sports to the infamous sports like darts, snooker, and lacrosse.

Here, you can place a bet on the Catamounts, Green FC, Middlebury College Rugby, the Lake Monsters, and Voltage, among other Vermont teams. Besides, you can place in various leagues and championships in and outside the United States.

For instance, the famous UEFA Champions League, EPL, CSL, EFL, RPL, KHL, and CBA, among others. Below are the major sports to bet on using sports betting sites in Vermont:


Football by far the most popular sport across the United States, especially in the National Football League (NFL). Besides this, there are the AFL, CF, CFL, USFL, WFL, AFC, and AAF, among others. The country has a long history of football and it’s one of the most interesting events to wager on.


Although hockey ranks fourth on viewership, hockey odds are in hot demand. Getting the earliest lines and fastest moves is very crucial. Here, there are three main markets; goal totals, puck line, and Moneyline. And the hockey matches, especially NHL to place are numerous with each team playing 82 games, a total of 1,271 games in the regular season. Besides, ice hockey is also available for betting all over the country.


Soccer isn’t at the level of Major League sports like NBA and MLB. However, the influx of experienced European prospects alongside South American young talents has improved drastically. In fact, signs are everywhere with teams now looking more similar to their European counterparts. For instance, the average attendance is booming, the quality of the matches is increasing, and fans are starting to think of it as a proper sport.


Golf is another massively popular sport to watch, play, and bet on. The European and U.S PGA is the main focus. And with tournaments almost every week all year round, betting on golf forms one of the staples for a nice Vermont betting site. The popular bets you can place on golf include the tournament outright, top 5/10/20 finish, top nationality, first-round leader, and three balls.


The modern-world gladiatorial battles fought in bright lights from the world’s most impressive Stadia have made MMA one of the world’s most impressive sports. Betting on MMA is exhilarating because the premier promo offers a perfect amount of profitability and excitement unseen in other sports.

Here, both MMA betting enthusiasts and fight fans place millions on any of the bouts each year. These include the parlays, Moneyline, method of victory, over/under, and props. Thus, any Vermont player should look for a bookie that offers an extensive selection of MMA sports for betting.


Betting and boxing have for many decades been heavyweight counterparts and the boxing betting market is still huge. In Vermont, the sport’s fans are covered by the best sports betting apps in Vermont that offer the lines and accept bets on the next big fights. And as the sport itself excites because of its physicality and competitiveness, boxing betting via Vermont betting sites gives an unforgettable experience as well.


Although lacrosse is not the most popular sport worldwide, Lacrosse has loyal fans, especially in North America. There are many exciting competitions in Canada and USA throughout the year. And the best betting sites in Vermont offer odds on some matches. Lacrosse leagues include NLL, PLL, MLL, BLL, OLA, OSL, MSL, LC, and ALL, among others. And the bet types for the sport include money lines, total line bets, and straight bets, among others.

What types of bets can you place in VT?

With the Vermont online gambling sites listed above, you can bet on anything in a sporting event because of the creativity that went into their development. Indeed, they all satisfy what a good betting site should offer and stretch even further to give other ideal bet types.

So, joining each of them guarantees you expert picks that other bookies may lack. Below are some common bet types you’ll find on the leading Vermont betting sites:

Live bets

As the term suggests, live betting refers to placing bets on sporting events as things unfold in real-time. And this is arguably the most exciting bet type. Here, you can place a bet on a sport at any time as the game progresses. One advantage of it is that you can analyze the match using real-time analysis and predict how things will go in the next few minutes before it concludes. Then, based on your prediction, you can place a Moneyline, totals, prop, parlay, or point spread bets.


Also known as a totals bet, an over/under bet is a prediction of the total amount of points or scores that both teams will combine to score in a match. The bookmakers set limits of scores and players to predict whether the total scores will go above or remain below the limits. Additionally, other bookies may give team totals or player totals bets.


These are bets on things that take a longer time to know the result or something that will happen in the longer-term future. For instance, you can predict the home run champion, MVP awards winner, College football playoff or Stanley Cup, NBA Champion, World Series winner, or Super Bowl winner. One advantage of future bets is that you can place the bet at any time of the season. But, placing it at the beginning of the season is more lucrative.

Money line bets

As the simplest form of betting, a Moneyline bet is simply a prediction of the match winner. Here, the number of goals or points scored does not matter as long as you predict the correct team to win the match. Although the bet type often has lower payouts compared to the point spread, it is easier to win than other bets.

Point Spread

This is a bet on a sporting event’s margin of victory and is most popular with football and basketball. Here, the perceived stronger team must win by a set number of goals/runs/points for your bet to win. Meanwhile, a bet on the underdog wins if they lose by the same or fewer goals than the set limit. It is one of the most profitable bets after correct scores and parlays when you make wins. Note, it’s advisable to place the point spread bets on sports with high-scoring power.

Parlay bets

Instead of placing many single bets for different matches or sports, players can combine them into a single wager (accumulator). Here, the players make as many selections as they wish and a bet slip is automatically generated from which they can view, edit, or delete some selections before placing the bet.

One advantage of multi-betting is that it allows players to bet on all their choices. Besides, all the odds are multiplied by each other to give a massive payout. But all the legs must win for you to get a payout.


As a type of parlay bet, a teaser bet allows players to change the point spread of a parlay pick to make It easier for the bet to win. Consequently, the bookies lower the payouts due to the teasers if they win. The common type is the two-team, 6-point football teaser where the bettor can adjust the point spread for the two games. Remember, the two teams must cover the new spreads for the bet to win just like in the parlay bets.

How to bet on sports online in Vermont

Getting started with any of the leading betting sites in Vermont is straightforward. You only need to key in your preferred account details, and your correct personal info then confirms your location.

After that, you can finish the account creation process and submit your application for verification. If you qualify for one, you can begin betting right away after making your first deposit. Here is a precise stepwise procedure on how to bet on sports online in Vermont:

  1. Choose a Vermont betting site from our list above. Remember that these are the expert choices and any of them will give you the top betting experience. You can visit their sites or download their mobile app to ease your sign-up process.
  2. Create an account with your details. Open the bookie’s app or visit its official site. Then, click on the Sign-up, Join Us, Create Account, or any related icon. What follows after this is the account creation process that you should follow to the latter and provide accurate personal details. Finally, read the terms and conditions, accept them, and submit your application. If your application is successful, you’ll be sent an email confirmation.
  3. Redeem the bonus offer. Upon receiving the confirmation email, you can log in to your account and redeem your bonus offer if there’s any VT sign-up bonus.
  4. Deposit funds with your preferred payment method. Almost all the common deposit options in Vermont are instant. So, you should get your funds reflected into your betting site account within minutes at most.
  5. Start betting on sports. After the funds are reflected, you can go back to the home page, choose your favorite sport, scroll through its markets and place your first bet.

Vermont sports betting bonuses & promotions

The leading Vermont betting sites offer great bonuses and promos. They come in varieties to make sure new players get a reward for signing up and regular players get a loyalty token of appreciation. Here are some of the most popular bonuses that are up for grabs by any bettor in the Green Mountain State:

  • Free bets. Free bets are the most straightforward kind of bonus where bookmakers give non-cashable vouchers, coupons, or electronic credits. They can then be used to bet on certain sports or bets as whole amounts.
  • Risk-free bets. Acting as betting insurance, risk-free bets gives players something back in return after they lose their bets. It is most common on betting sites that offer the bonus as a sign-up bonus.
  • Deposit match bonuses. Also common as a sign-up bonus on many betting sites, the deposit match bonus is the monetary bonus you get after making deposits. The amount ranges from a small percentage of the deposit to an amount equal to the deposited money.
  • No deposit bonuses. Although it is everyone’s dream to get numerous sites offering it, the no deposit bonus is offered by a few bookies. This is simply the amount in form of credit or free bets that you get as a reward for signing up for an account.
  • Welcome bonuses. A welcome bonus is a common term referring to the amount in credit, free bets, or other forms that you get after registering an account with a sports betting site. But, it majorly comes through after you make the first deposit.

Tips when betting online in VT

Although you now know the basics of sports betting in Vermont after reading this guide, you shouldn’t run to place wagers yet. Betting on sports is simple in theory, but getting everything right when you are just starting out is not that easy.

Note that approaching online betting the wrong way may prove more harmful than entertaining. Below we have put together some tips on how to begin your sports betting journey in Vermont:

  • Don’t bet on sports you don’t know. The sports you don’t understand a thing about are no-go zones. Why? First, you can’t even tell which team is the underdog, and which is the favorite. Second, you can’t recognize the better bet types to choose. So, they are hard to analyze and read the team formation.
  • Redeem available bonuses. These are very important features that help you bet without risking your own money. And in case of a win, some bonus wins can be cashed out easily. So, they increase your chances of making wins and you can use them to counter your bets to make wins if the event goes in either direction.
  • Compare odds. Odds differ from one bookmaker to another. Thus, it’s advisable to compare each of them and choose the most competitive ones.
  • Bankroll management. Regardless of your bankroll amount, it is very important that you set a budget and use a staking plan. Here, you need to set aside a betting bankroll that you are ready to lose. Then, you should bet with a fixed amount throughout even if you make many wins. The two will ensure that you don’t overspend on sports betting and that chances of your bankroll growing will be high.

The latest news on the Vermont sports betting bill

Senator, Sen. Michael Sirotkin made submission of S59, a bill that would create a committee to study Vermont sports betting. Fortunately, the bill got the senate’s approval and is now in the House. Here, the bill will study a number of sports betting models and come up with what will be the best for the Vermont state.

So, the legality of online sports betting in Vermont will depend on the study’s outcome in front of the legislature. And, with the whole Northeast region being more active in legal sports betting, Vermont legislators could soon allow players to wager on sports online.

Is it safe to use offshore sports betting sites in Vermont?

No, offshore betting platforms operating in Vermont are unregulated. This means that they can exploit Vermont players at will and no one will hold them to account. For instance, if a betting site is not answerable to any authority in the state, it can even decide not to pay those who make massive wins.

That is because players will not be able to contact any regulating authority to help them question the bookies on their behalf. Therefore, it is not safe to use any offshore betting sites in Vermont.


When will sports betting become legal in Vermont?

It is not yet known when sports betting will become legal in Vermont. There is no timeline for legalizing sports betting as of now. But laws are being prepared to guide the highly anticipated activity in the state. As a once hotly debated topic in 2020 with several bills making it to the Senate, that timeline could come anytime soon.

Is horse race betting legal in VT?

Yes, it is legal to bet on horse races in Vermont but there are no tracks licensed to offer racing yet. This means that any horse race betting lover can download any horse race betting app like TwinSpires or TVG and start betting. Besides, daily fantasy sports, state lottery, and charitable gambling are available for Vermont players.

Are there any retail sports betting locations in Vermont?

No, there are no retail sports betting locations in Vermont at this moment. The nearest locations for physical sportsbooks would be in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. But some casinos in Vermont like Alpine Amusement, Lebanon Poker Room, and Champlain Tours may be the first to host retail betting in the future, since they already have the infrastructure.