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Throughout this Vermont sports betting apps overview, we’ll tackle all the key information Vermont gamblers should know before wagering through a betting application, along with the betting apps that are live in VT.

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Yes, sports betting apps are legal in Vermont. After Gov. Phil Scott signed bill HB127 into law in June 2023, sports betting in Vermont was officially legalized. However, sports betting operators had to wait to launch their apps in the state until January 2024. Sports betting apps are now live and available for download in the iOS and Android app stores.

Best Vermont sports betting apps

While several big-name sports betting apps have already set up shop in Vermont, we expect a few more others to join the fray once they’ve been granted a gambling operator's license.

Here, we’ll go over some of the betting operators we expect to be the best Vermont sports betting apps over the next few years.

📱 DraftKings app Vermont ⭐ Refined mobile app with wide range of promotional offers
📱 FanDuel app Vermont ⭐ Top-notch same-game parlay builder
📱 Fanatics app Vermont ⭐ Rewards programs earns discounted sports merchandise and bonus bets
📱 ESPN Bet app Vermont ⭐ Successor to Barstool Sportsbook with strong backing
📱 BetMGM app Vermont ⭐ Rated among the best in the industry

DraftKings Vermont

DraftKings betting app Vermont

DraftKings is one of the most popular betting applications on the market, and they’re one of the most aggressive operators when it comes to gaining licensing in newly legalized betting states. They offer a wide range of promotional offers for new users, and their mobile app is one of the most refined in the industry.

Now that DK has arrived in VT, they give users all their standard bet types, such as live in-game betting, as well as special offers during the NFL, NBA, and MLB seasons.

FanDuel Vermont

FanDuel betting app Vermont

Like DraftKings, FanDuel is a well-known sports betting app and is often a go-to for new and long-time bettors alike. They are known for their Daily Fantasy Sports offerings, but they have also been one of the giants of the sports betting industry over the past few years.

FanDuel also offers a lot of the same bet types as DraftKings, but more often than not, their odds will differ. Their same-game parlay builder is considered one of the best in the business.

ESPN Bet Vermont

ESPN Bet betting app Vermont

ESPN Bet is still in its newborn stage as a sportsbook. It launched in 17 states on November 14, 2023, and the app has already shown smashing successes out of the gate, with impressive ratings among both iOS and Android users.

As ESPN Bet is the successor to Barstool Sportsbook, it should be one of the top betting apps in the Vermont market. With the backing of Penn Entertainment, we fully expect ESPN Bet to join the VT market soon, even though they weren't part of the first wave of apps to launch in the state.

BetMGM Vermont

BetMGM betting app Vermont

BetMGM is one of the biggest sports betting platforms in the country, and it has only continued to grow over the past few years. The betting app is consistently rated as one of the best among the top operators, and it is also expected to go live in Vermont as soon as they are allowed.

The betting app gives its users plenty of opportunities to make the most out of their betting experience. The app is very user-friendly as well.

Fanatics Vermont

Fanatics betting app Vermont

Fanatics has replaced PointsBet's U.S. sportsbook operations and is making its first strides into the betting universe after operating as a sports merchandising company since 2011. The bookie has been rolling out its platform since August 2023 and launched in Vermont on January 11, 2024. It is also live in nine other states (CO, CT, KY, MA, MD, OH, TN, VA, and WV).

How to download sports betting apps in Vermont

Fortunately for newcomers to the sports betting scene, downloading a sports betting app is a pretty easy process that shouldn’t take much longer than about five minutes. The process will differ depending on the device you’re downloading the app on, but all in all, they still follow the same general steps.

Sports betting apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, completely free of charge.

Downloading on Android

  • Pick a betting app you’d like to download: After finding a suitable sports betting application, head to the Google Play Store on your Android and search for the sports betting app you’d like to download.
  • Install the app: Once you’ve found the app, hit the “Install” button next to it and wait a few seconds while the application downloads onto your device.
  • Log in and start betting: After the app has been downloaded, open it up, sign in with your username and password for the sportsbook, and be sure to turn on your location services. By doing so, the sportsbooks will automatically verify whether or not you’re located in a state where they have licensing to operate.

Downloading on iOS

  • Choose a betting app of your choice: Once you find the betting application that suits your needs, open the App Store on your iOS device and search for the sportsbook app you’d like to download.
  • Download the application: After finding the app, hit the “Get” button next to it. Then, hit “Install” and wait a few moments while the app downloads onto your device.
  • Open up the app and start wagering: Once the app has successfully downloaded, open it up, log in with your username and password, and allow the app to track your location while using it. Once you’ve done all of that, you’re ready to get your betting venture underway.

Bet types on betting apps in VT

Now that betting apps are available to VT gamblers, there will be several different bet types for players to add to their betting slip.

Here are the most popular bet types and how they work.

  • Prop bets: Betting on prop bets usually involves a player’s or team’s statistical output throughout a game or season. Prop bets typically don’t have anything to do with the outcome of a given contest. Popular types of prop bets include the first player to record a hit in an MLB game or which player will score the first touchdown during NFL Sundays. Prop bets hit their peak during Super Bowl week, where betting apps allow their players to wager on almost anything revolving around the big game. From how long the halftime show will be to who wins the opening coin toss, Super Bowl prop bets have become a yearly tradition in the United States.
  • Point spreads: By placing a bet on a point spread, you’re wagering on the point differential of a game. For example, if you place a bet on the New England Patriots +6.5 against the Miami Dolphins, you’re betting that the Patriots won’t lose the contest by seven points or more. The same concept still applies if the bet is the other way around. Wagering on the Patriots -6.5 means you’re betting that the team will win by at least seven points.
  • Over/under bets: An over/under bet is pretty self-explanatory. Placing an over/under bet means you’re wagering on a stat or the final score to either go over or under the selected amount. For instance, if you place a bet on Jayson Tatum to score over 22.5 points in a game, he must score over that selected amount for your bet to hit.
  • Moneyline bets: Moneyline bets are typically the first bet type new users go with, mostly because it’s the easiest to understand. In short, you’re just wagering on the winner or loser of a given game.

Signing up for sports betting apps in VT

Now that sports betting is officially open to VT users, they are able to sign up for any sportsbook with licensing in the state. Luckily, the registration process is typically a breeze. It shouldn’t take users much longer than about 5-10 minutes to complete.

The steps to signing up for a sportsbook will vary slightly from app to app, but the differences are usually pretty minor.

  1. Start the registration process: After opening up the betting app or visiting their website, you may be met with the option to sign up right off the bat. If not, find the “Register” or “Sign-Up” button – typically found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen - to get started.
  2. Fill out the required information: Throughout the registration process, you’ll be prompted to provide several pieces of information. This can include your date of birth, current street address, full legal name, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. You may also have the opportunity to claim the welcome bonus during sign-up, but not every sportsbook will do this.
  3. Deposit money into your account: Once your account has been created, the next step will be depositing some funds into the account. You can do so by heading to the virtual cashier menu on the app. There, you’ll be able to select a banking option suitable for you and get some money into the account.
  4. Start betting: After successfully making your first deposit, you’re all set to start betting on your favorite sports.

Promos that are offered on wagering apps in VT

The sports betting promos in Vermont change throughout the sports calendar, so any or all of these offers could show up at VT sportsbooks at some point.

Here’s a quick rundown of the popular types of betting promo offers and how they work.

  • Sign-up bonuses: A sign-up or welcome bonus in Vermont is how sportsbooks try to persuade prospective users to join their betting app. They typically reward the new users with loads of bonus bets which can be used to make wagers through the bookie.
  • Loyalty programs: Though they are not promos per se, loyalty or rewards programs are how sportsbooks reward their veteran users. Long-time users can qualify for extra bonus bets, and favorable odds, and users can even earn free hotel stays at retail casinos.
  • Matched deposit bonuses: A matched deposit bonus in Vermont is pretty straightforward. After claiming this type of promo, users have their deposit matched by the sportsbook, typically in the form of bonus bets. Sportsbooks may match the full deposited amount or a percentage of it, but the most common option is a 100% match up to an amount defined in the offer's terms and conditions.

Payment methods that are available at wagering apps in Vermont

After joining a VT betting app, you have several options when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds from your account.

Here are some of the most common deposit/withdrawal methods available on sports betting applications.

Deposit/withdrawal methods may include:

  • Online banking
  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Play+ Prepaid Card
  • Venmo
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash in person at retail locations

Pros and cons of mobile betting in VT vs. desktop betting

While placing wagers through betting apps has become commonplace among sports bettors, it’s not always the most effective way to place wagers, depending on how you like to enjoy your sports betting experience. Sometimes, betting through a desktop may be the better option.

Here are the pros and cons of wagering through betting apps as opposed to going through a desktop or laptop.


  • Convenience: You really can’t beat the convenience of placing wagers from the palm of your hand.
  • Precise timing: Betting through mobile apps allows users to time their bets more precisely. This can come in handy when betting on live events while you’re at the game or at a friend’s house watching it.
  • More commonly used: In today’s world, more people have smartphones than desktops or even laptops. Therefore, people are more accustomed to navigating on their phone screen, compared to looking at a bigger screen and going through websites.


  • Smaller screen: The smaller screen on a smartphone isn’t always ideal for users. With a desktop screen, bettors will be able to see more options, which can make navigating through a Vermont sportsbook site easier than an app.
  • Some features not accessible: With some betting apps, every feature of the sportsbook’s website may not be accessible.
  • Connection problems: Having a reliable internet connection can be the biggest issue when placing bets through a mobile device. If the connection isn’t up to par, your bets may not be placed in time, meaning you could miss out on a lofty payday if your prospective wager manages to be a winner.


When did Vermont wagering apps launch?

Vermont wagering apps launched on January 11, 2024. FanDuel, DraftKings, and Fanatics were the first three platforms to go live in VT.

Which betting applications are confirmed to come to VT?

DraftKings, FanDuel, and Fanatics are the three sportsbooks that have launched in VT. BetMGM and ESPN Bet applied for Vermont licenses as well and could launch in the coming months.

Do Vermont betting apps offer bonuses?

Yes, Vermont betting apps offer betting bonuses to their users. This is a standard way to try and attract new customers and keep veteran gamblers coming back to the platform for more wagering.

How many betting app licenses are available in Vermont?

Up to six sports betting mobile licenses are available in Vermont. Three of them have already been claimed by Fanatics, FanDuel, and DraftKings, all of which have launched in VT. BetMGM and ESPN Bet have also applied but haven't been approved for launch yet.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry