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On this page presented to you exclusively by VTBetting.com, you will learn everything you need to know about Vermont casino apps, including the top expected casino apps in Vermont, how to sign up for them, and much more.

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As legal online gambling continues to sweep across the country, including both Vermont online sportsbooks and online casinos, state legislators are feeling the pressure to make laws in accordance. In the Green Mountain State of Vermont, sports betting became legal on June 14, 2023, and launched in January 2024. 

With the success of the Vermont Lottery well-established, and online sports betting already a hit, many are optimistic that Vermont casino apps and websites will be next up on the docket for legislators. When the day does come, we here at VTBetting.com will have you best positioned to take advantage of each of the Vermont casino apps that are available on day one.

Let’s take a look at what (and who) to expect to hit the market when online casinos in Vermont become a reality in the coming years.

Top expected casino apps in Vermont

Based on what we see in nearby states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we can make some reasonable assumptions about the operators headed to Vermont. Below are the top expected casino apps in Vermont, each of which will have a full-length review at VTBetting.com when plans are made for the launch of Vermont casino apps.

Golden Nugget Vermont

Golden Nugget Casino Vermont

Purchased by DraftKings in 2022, Golden Nugget Casino is one of the newest players in the online casino industry and already making a splash. Created in 2020 following the decades-long success of their brick-and-mortar casino business, the Golden Nugget Casino Vermont will be one of the newest casino apps in the lot.

Offering online slots from all of the top developers in the industry, the Golden Nugget online casino is a favorite amongst online slot players. Table game fans also have plenty of options, including blackjack, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and much more. Currently, Golden Nugget Casino is launched in Pennsylvania only.

Bet365 Vermont

bet365 Casino Vermont

As part of the Bet365 Group Limited, which includes a sports betting arm, Bet365 Casino was founded in 2000 by Denise Coates in Stoke On Trent, England. Featuring all of the top gaming software providers in the world, customers can enjoy a plethora of casino-style games including online slots, as well as popular table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more. 

With a heavily established footprint in Europe, bet365 has ventured into the U.S. market, currently operating in New Jersey starting in 2019. In addition to its wide variety of game offerings, bet365 Casino is also known for its terrific customer service and lucrative welcome offers for new customers.

Caesars Palace Online Casino Vermont

Caesars Palace Online Casino Vermont

With one of the biggest online casino footprints in the United States, Caesars Palace Online Casino is currently launched in Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New Jersey, as well as Ontario, Canada. Featuring online slots from all of the top gaming providers in the space, Caesars Palace Online Casino Vermont will be no different on day one.

Established in Las Vegas decades ago, Caesars Palace launched its online division in August of 2023. Thus far, their pristine brand of great sports betting and retail casino products has transferred to their online casino app, and they are already considered an industry leader. Customers of the Caesars Palace Online Casino Vermont App will be able to take advantage of Caesars Rewards, the company’s loyalty program which lets you accrue points for rewards in their casinos, online sportsbook, retail sportsbooks, and of course, the casino app.

FanDuel Casino Vermont Logo

FanDuel Casino Vermont

In addition to a legal presence in Ontario, Canada, FanDuel Online Casino is currently live in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Connecticut. With CT being right on the border of the state, FanDuel Casino Vermont is expected to be an early player in the VT online casino app space on day one of legalization.

Like their competitors in the online casino industry, FanDuel Casino offers online slots from all of the top software providers in the world. Additionally, featuring both live dealer and virtual options, table games are becoming increasingly popular at FanDuel Casino, and will be available on day one of FanDuel Casino Vermont both on the desktop and mobile app.

DraftKings Casino Vermont Logo

DraftKings Casino Vermont

Just like their biggest competitor in sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) space, FanDuel, DraftKings Casino currently operates in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, and Connecticut. Also like their competitor, DraftKings Casino is gaining increasing market share in the casino apps space, as their suite of games and user-friendly interfaces are becoming a gambler-favorite.

All of the popular titles in the online slot industry that customers have come to expect are present at DraftKings Casino, as are a host of table games including poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many more. With DraftKings Sportsbook Vermont already in the state after sports betting launched in January 2024, fully expect DraftKings Casino Vermont to be around on day one of online casino apps in the Green Mountain State.

No, casino apps in Vermont are not yet legal, as the state has not yet passed legislation for online casino gaming. Currently, all of the gambling laws in Vermont focus on charitable gambling, such as bingo and raffles, and must be operated by non-profit organizations.

All forms of professional gambling, specifically online casino gaming, remain strictly prohibited under Vermont state law. The hope for the future of casino apps in Vermont did take a step forward in the summer of 2023, as Vermont lawmakers passed legislation to allow for online sports betting in June of 2023. 

Now that online sports betting apps have launched, there will surely be a major step forward for the future of casino apps in the state.

Are there any active bills to legalize Vermont casino apps?

No, there are currently no active bills in the State House or Senate to legalize Vermont casino apps. Online gaming and apps did take a major step forward in 2023, however, as state lawmakers and residents voted to approve online sports betting apps in June of 2023.

Based on the major success of online gaming in nearby states such as New Jersey or Connecticut, generating hundreds of millions in revenue for the state in a few short years, online casinos in Vermont only make logical sense to be next up.

How you could sign up for a casino app in Vermont

When the Green Mountain State does come to its senses and legalize online casino gaming, we here at VTBetting.com have you covered for what comes next. Below, in a few short steps, is how you could sign up for a casino app in Vermont when things get underway in the coming years.

  1. Welcome Offer Bonus: Every Vermont casino app that launches will have a welcome promotional offer for new customers only to entice new business. While we’ll cover the different types below, it’s important to note that VTBetting.com will offer full-length reviews for each VT casino app, with a link to the most lucrative welcome offer bonus at the top. Follow the “Get Bonus” button to automatically be directed to the casino app with your bonus applied.
  2. Download the App: When clicking “Get Bonus” from your mobile browser, you’ll be directed to the Apple or Google Play Store. From there, you can download the Vermont Casino app of your choice for free.
  3. Login & Legal Information: With the app now downloaded, the Vermont casino app will now ask for your login credentials such as username, email address, and password. From there, they will then ask for your legal information to verify your identity, including but not limited to, first and last name, home address, phone number, date of birth, gender, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Agree to Terms: With your account and identity now confirmed, the VT casino app will now ask you to agree to terms and conditions and privacy policies. You’ll also likely have the option to agree to receive promotional and marketing items.
  5. Deposit Money: Thanks to the likely monitoring and regulation from the Vermont Liquor and Lottery Department, you’ll have a host of options when it comes to depositing funds into your account. Whether it is Venmo, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, or other, choose the payment option that works best for you and deposit funds. Keep in mind the terms and conditions of the promotional offer you accepted when choosing how much to deposit into your new account.

Types of games you will be able to play at casino apps in Vermont

When Vermont casino apps launch, there will be a variety of casino-style games that you can choose from when playing on the app. Let’s take a closer look at the types of games you will be able to play at casino apps in Vermont when the day comes.

  • Table Games: Just like you can play in their brick-and-mortar counterparts, online casinos offer table games for play in their casino apps. Those will include both virtual and live dealer options, including popular games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and more.
  • Online Slots: All of the top gaming software providers in the online casino space today will have their titles on Vermont casino apps. Everything from traditional to progressive online slots will be available on day one for Vermont gamblers to enjoy, with specific promotions (more on that below) for some of them.
  • Jackpots: A type of online slot, jackpot slots’ top prizes known as jackpots, will be bigger than the standard online slots. Every hour that a grand prize is not won, the jackpot payout will get bigger and bigger. At Vermont casino apps, you can expect the biggest prize payouts to be well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because there will be no shortage of competition amongst Vermont casino apps when legalization goes into effect, each of them will offer bonuses in an attempt to attract new businesses. Let’s dive into a few of the popular expected bonuses at online casino apps in Vermont.

Welcome Bonus

Nothing breeds strong promotions more than competition, and the Vermont casino apps space should have plenty of it. The more companies that enter the market, the more lucrative the welcome offers will be. Those welcome bonuses will include a mix of match deposits, free spins, and other way to get bonus bets; which are essentially site credit. It is important to note that these are available for new customers only.

  • No Deposit Bonus: As the name suggests, a No Deposit Bonus will award VT casino app customers with bonus bets simply for signing up for an account. While these are the most rare kind of deposit bonus, they do exist, and the bonus bets will be applied to your new account once registration is complete.
  • Match Bonus: Most often designed to be a percentage of your initial deposit, match bonuses give gamblers free bonus bets based on the size of their initial amount deposited. For example, if a Vermont casino app offers a 150% deposit match bonus, and your first deposit is $100, you will receive $150 in bonus bets once the deposit goes through. Be aware of the terms and conditions involved, such as the rollover requirement, to understand when those funds could convert to your real withdrawable balance.

Reload Bonus

While the first few bonuses mentioned are for new customers only, reload bonuses are designed for existing customers. Often in the form of a match bonus, reload bonuses are applied to ongoing deposits.

Free Spins

Specifically for online slot players, some of the Vermont bonuses will come with free spins, which are given to players to use with the online slots. Meant for specific slot games or on certain days of the month or week, free spins are a great way to test out a game for the first time and get the ebbs and flow of the online slot.

Pros and cons of casino apps vs. desktop online casinos in Vermont

Just like anything in the iGaming industry, there are pros and cons of using a Vermont casino app versus their desktop counterparts. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using a casino app vs. desktop online casinos in Vermont.


  • Use Anywhere: When using a casino app in Vermont, as long as you are within state lines, you can play your favorite casino games from anywhere you have connectivity. This means even if you are on the go in Vermont, you’ll have full access to your account and all of your favorite games.
  • Ease of Use: If you are anything like the majority of America, you spend more time browsing the internet on your phone than on a desktop computer. Using a casino app will give you that same level of ease of use that you have with all of your other apps today.
  • Bonuses: Some of the Vermont casino promotions will only be available to mobile users, giving you a broader range of bonus types to take advantage of. Though they are rare, look at the VT casino app’s promotional page for mobile-specific games.


  • Connection Issues: Unlike a desktop site that requires WiFi, you’ll often be using your VT casino app using your cellular plan data. That means you are reliant on your cellular coverage, which when down or unstable, can cause interruptions in your gaming.
  • Multi-Tasking: When using a desktop computer, most people have multiple windows open at once and multiple tabs in their browser going at once. When using your mobile device and casino app, you can only focus on one app at a time.
  • Screen Size: While you will be able to access all the same great features that the desktop site offers, you will be dealing with a smaller screen size on your mobile device. Though this shouldn't affect your gameplay too much, it can make playing some games more difficult.

Why should you avoid offshore casino apps?

We here at VTBetting.com strongly advise you to avoid offshore casino apps, for several reasons. Let’s take a look at three top reasons you should avoid offshore casino apps at all costs.

  • Payment Options: Because offshore casino apps are not regulated by any Federally recognized body, you won’t have the plethora of options when it comes to payments that domestic (legal) operators give you. As such, you’ll often have to rely on volatile payment options such as cryptocurrencies to transact on the site.
  • Regulation: As mentioned, the regulation bodies that oversee offshore casino apps are located in faraway (offshore) places such as Malta or Curacao. As a result, you have no legal recourse as an American citizen should things go awry with the company or your account.
  • Contact: Legal operators here in the United States have a very clear path of communication when it comes to getting support. With offshore casino apps, the owner and operators are often protected behind many layers of legal shelter, making it difficult to know who is in charge and whom you can contact.


Could I create an account on a casino app if I'm visiting Vermont?

Yes, you will be able to create an account on a casino app if you are visiting Vermont, even if you are not a resident.

What are the age requirements to use casino apps in Vermont?

The age requirement to use casino apps in Vermont will almost certainly be 21 years of age or older.

How do I verify my account on a casino app?

You verify your account on a casino app by entering all of your legal information that is on your driver's license or passport, as well as the last four digits of your social security number.

Can I play on a casino app without downloading it?

No, you can not play on a casino app without downloading it. There will be, however, mobile-optimized browser versions of the casino app that you will be able to access. For the best user experience, it is highly recommended to download the mobile casino app.