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Throughout this page, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Casinos in Vermont. From the state laws surrounding gambling to the new potential casinos opening in the state, we got you covered.

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Vermont does not currently host any traditional casinos. Unlike many other states in the USA, Vermont's gambling laws are quite restrictive, limiting legal gambling options to state-sponsored lottery and charitable gaming events like bingo and raffles. 

The absence of casinos and online casinos in Vermont is notable given the prevalence of gambling establishments in many other parts of the country. This distinct stance reflects the state's commitment to maintaining its natural and community-oriented reputation.

No, there are no legal casinos in Vermont. The state has some of the most restrictive gambling laws in the United States, with no legislation passed to legalize casinos. Gambling in Vermont is limited to the state lottery, charitable gaming, and limited forms of pari-mutuel betting.

There has been no movement to legalize casinos, reflecting Vermont's continued commitment to preserving its community-focused and natural environment.

Are any casinos opening in Vermont in the near future?

No, there are no plans or legislative movements underway to open casinos in Vermont in the near future. The state's gambling laws remain restrictive, with only limited forms of gambling like the state lottery and charitable gaming being legal.

Vermont's stance on gambling, particularly its opposition to casinos, has been consistent, reflecting the state's values and priorities. This suggests that the opening of casinos in Vermont is not anticipated anytime soon.

History of casinos in Vermont

Vermont's history with casinos is marked by a notable absence and a consistent stance against gambling establishments. This reflects the state's commitment to preserving its natural and community-focused ethos.

  • Early 20th Century: No known existence of legal casinos in Vermont; gambling largely unregulated but not formally recognized.
  • 1970s: Introduction of state lottery, establishing a framework for limited, state-controlled gambling.
  • Late 20th Century to Present: Ongoing legislative resistance to casinos; gambling remains restricted to state lottery, charitable events, and limited pari-mutuel betting.
  • 21st Century: No significant moves towards legalizing casinos, with state laws maintaining a firm stance against them.


Why doesn't Vermont have any casinos?

Vermont's absence of casinos can be attributed to its long-standing cultural and legislative priorities that favor preserving the state's natural beauty and community-focused ethos. Vermont's legislative framework has consistently resisted the expansion of gambling, reflecting a broader public sentiment against the development of casinos.

Are there any discussions or debates in Vermont's legislature about legalizing casinos?

As of early 2024, Vermont's legislature has been involved in discussions and hearings regarding the legalization of sports wagering, but not traditional casino gambling. The focus has been on H.127, an act relating to sports wagering, which has seen various meetings and discussions in legislative committees. The conversations have revolved around the potential oversight of Vermont sports betting by the Department of Liquor and Lottery, with a preference for mobile and online platforms rather than physical retail locations.

Are there any tribal casinos in Vermont?

Vermont does not have any tribal casinos. This is because there are currently no federally recognized Indian tribes in Vermont. Historically, the state has seen efforts and discussions regarding potential casino developments, including those operated by Native American tribes. However, legislative hurdles and public sentiment against gambling have hindered any significant progress in this area.

Where do Vermont residents go if they want to visit a casino?

Vermont residents seeking the casino experience typically travel to neighboring states where such establishments are legal and operational. Popular destinations include Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort in New York.

Are there any casino-like venues or alternatives in Vermont?

In Vermont, traditional casino-like venues are not available. However, there are limited alternative gambling options. These include the Vermont Lottery, which offers various lottery games, and charitable gaming, such as bingo and raffles, conducted by licensed organizations. These options provide a legal avenue for gambling within the state, albeit on a much smaller scale compared to full-fledged casinos.